Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.)
and Calmbirth

Private Subconscious Mind healing (P.S.H.) and Calmbirth

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Something very special has arisen from the P.S.H. model of subconscious -mind understanding. Calmbirth is Australia’s leading and trusted childbirth education program, being recognised and taught in a number of leading Australian maternity hospitals, and has recently commenced at one of the major maternity hospitals in New Zealand.

As the name suggests, Calmbirth prepares expectant parents emotionally, mentally and physically for a calm birth. The program is designed around the mind-body connection. The evidence strongly suggests that the mindset of the birthing mother and her partner have a profound effect on their birth experience.

Peter Jackson, a long-serving midwife and P.S.H. therapist, developed Calmbirth with the help of P.S.H. co-founder Greg Brice. Incorporating the emotional healing principles of P.S.H. Therapy, Calmbirth offers couples the fundamental benefit of learning how to use their natural inner resources to create a positive birth experience.

The Calmbirth Program helps couples understand the physiology of a woman’s body during labor and birth in a simple way, whilst employing a number of mediative ‘inner journeys’ which help them learn how to access their inner resources via the normal physiological relaxation response, specialized  breathing, visualization and emotional healing.  Calmbirth recognizes the powerful connection between a woman’s emotional state and the way her body responds during child birth.

Sadly our culture has been programmed to relate to childbirth in a very apprehensive way. The Calmbirth Program is designed to expand couples’ understanding of the mind-body-birth connection, and build their confidence through this knowledge. The evidence strongly suggests that knowledge is a proven antidote for fear. The P.S.H subconscious component of the Calmbirth program helps expectant parents to undo old erroneous beliefs and programming about childbirth as a means of healing any anxiety or fear about childbirth.

Studies currently being undertaken show that women and their partners who have completed the Calmbirth Program, compared with couples who have used more traditional methods:

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