The Australasian Subconscious-mind Therapists Association (ASTA)

ASTA is a non-profit organisation representing qualified and registered P.S.H. therapists.

Our primary commitment is to help people help themselves to attain the inner health, wellbeing, and quality of life they seek.

For some of us this life’s journey is a difficult one, and one that can feel especially overwhelming.
We might struggle with issues such as:

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Post-traumatic Stress


Chronic Pain


Eating Disorders




Compulsive Thinking


Learning Difficulties

…and many others.

And although we may have made a conscious effort to overcome destructive issues, we are often unable to resolve them. This is because the conscious thinking mind has difficulty resolving and letting go. Thankfully, we now know there is a way to heal.


P.S.H. (Private Subconscious-mind Healing) is a gentle, non-intrusive way of helping people access their own inner resources, enabling them to resolve unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns.

P.S.H. therapists help clients access their inner healing abilities — the parts that know exactly how to fix things – in the privacy of the subconscious mind.

The P.S.H. model recognizes that it is not necessary to reveal what is often intensely personal and private information, in order for inner change to occur — hence the incorporation of the word ‘private’ into the name.

When we are able to access our inner resources, we are truly able to make real and lasting changes, making it possible to live the life we want.

ASTA members uphold the highest levels of professional integrity to ensure that the standard of P.S.H. is always maintained.

The Australasian Subconscious-mind Therapists’ Association is the only organisation representing P.S.H. therapists throughout Australia.

Members are bound by the Association’s strict Code of Ethics and are required to complete a specified minimum number of hours of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) annually.


Please note that P.S.H. is not meant to be, nor is it claimed to be a substitute for medical treatment. It is the most effective means we have to help people deal quickly, effectively and with a wide range of problems and issues that are the result of subconscious dynamics. If you have concerns about a medical or physical condition, we recommend you first seek the advice of your medical practitioner.

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